I've been a customer of Telewest's Blueyonder services for the best part of a decade now, first on dial-up and then on cable modem, and mostly I've been very pleased with it – on the broadband side at least. The less said about the devious tactics used to force us from analogue cable TV to poorer quality digital TV, the better.

Even the NTL takeover didn't cause too many ructions, despite the dire predictions that NTL's legendarily inept and under-funded approach to customer service would transfer over.

Then came Virgin Media, and in one week we not only lost all the Sky TV channels for good, but had at least three broadband outages, each lasting several hours and all at peak times of the day.

It was pretty obviously a local problem. Other Blueyonder users around had it too, but not those further afield. It was repeated too, which pointed to a specific and locatable technical issue. And sure enough - after that third outage, tech support said that instead of just changing the fuse in the router, they changed the whole PSU.

I hope this isn't NTL's penny-pinching finally filtering through, because if it is, then it's time to go investigating alternatives. I think we have WiMax available around here now – and at least I can look into it now the connection is back up again...