Has anyone ever actually USED hot swap memory - or at least the hot swap part of the memory?

I've always been of the opinion that memory isn't something that you should hot swap because in my mind I can see the engineer pushing extra hard on the memory tabs so the DIMM shoots out of the slot like a space shuttle only to come crashing down moments later like.. uh.. a space shuttle.. on the motherboard with its stack of exposed connectors.

Some things should be done when a machine is just off.

Like the 'hot swap' power supply in one of our servers years ago. It was hot swap so long as you replaced the unit within 90 seconds - 90 seconds in 'doggy years' and not human time, so you actually had about 9 seconds to:

  • Pull the power cord
  • Open the grille
  • Undo four screws
  • Flip the latch
  • Swap the supplies
  • Flip the latch back
  • Do the screws up
  • Put the grille back on
  • Plug the cable in.

It was never going to happen. So what you ended up doing was:

  • Pulling the power cord
  • Opening the grille
  • Undoing ONE screw
  • Shutting the grille
  • Reinserting the power cord
  • then waiting 10 seconds. The repeating till done. And on the return trip only putting one screw back in.

    We never bought one of those machines again.