Just when DataCore's CEO fingers InVista for lack of VMware integration EMC comes out with an announcement of ... VMware integration.

InVista 2.1 will be a certified VMware product and make it easier for virtual servers to be be provisioned with SAN storage through an InVista SAN management application running in a Cisco or Brocade SAN fabric switch.

I guess DataCore's George Teixeira wouldn't be that impressed though. Since InVista runs in a fabric director and doesn't have thin provisioning or several of the data protection features that his SANsymphony and SANmelody products have then he might say InVista helps make the case for automating and virtualising storage provisioning and management for VMware virtual servers without actually providing much of it.

The EMC announcement confirms that there are just 200 InVista customers which contrasts with IBM's 10,000 SVC units shipped. HDS' 7,500 virtualising USP controllers and thousands of DataCore product sales.

This is the first upgrade of InVista in two years. We have InVista 2 now and InVista 2.1 due by the end of the year, making it seem as if the pace of InVista innovation is picking up.

With pricing in the $100,000 area InVista is definitely an enterprise sale and Teixeira's sales reps shouldn't expect to meet it in their SMB customer calls.