Iceland's frozen food supermarkets are well-known in the UK. They freeze food for long-term storage.

Now another Icelandic raider is coming to the UK. SecurStore, self-proclaimed to be Iceland’s leading storage services provider, has entered the UK backup/recovery market for small to medium business (SMBs). Its stated pitch says: "UK customers are guaranteed secure and reliable data backup, faster recovery from disk-to-disk than from tape, and the extra security of offsite backup and recovery. Unlike most other backup service providers, SecurStore also ensures that the data from every office location, no matter how remote, is also backed up to the data centre. Remote workers and laptop users connected to the network can also be incorporated in the back up."

I asked how this differed from existing UK on-line vaulting suppliers like InTechnology and LiveVault. The reply was: "The underlying software that SecurStore deploys is the same software that InTechnology uses ­ Asigra Televaulting. InTechnology’s VBAK product is Asigra Televaulting, just re-branded and with a service offering for the enterprise market."

"SecurStore uses the Asigra software to also focus on the SME market, not just larger enterprises, and is able to offer customers affordable backup through Asigra’s unique Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM) offering. BLM integrates full data lifecycle management functionality into the backup platform, controlling storage costs by moving backup and archival data to the most cost-effective storage medium."

"Backup lifecycle management is a critical part of the overall management of enterprise data. The cost advantages of tiered storage are well understood outside the backup arena. Similarly not all backup data is equal and needs to be placed on the appropriate device at specific points in its lifecycle. Treating all backup data the same is a simple solution, but it can be a very costly mistake."

"With regards to LiveVault, SecurStore’s agentless technology and pay-as-you-grow pricing structure makes it a more cost-effective backup solution, especially for SMEs. Smaller businesses tend to grow fast, increasing their data storage requirements, and SecurStore's pricing structure does not penalise them for this."

"SecurStore’s ethos is to look upon companies such as InTechnology and LiveVault as allies rather than competitors; the real competitors are the tape-based solutions."

I don't know how big a costly mistake treating all backup data the same is. No doubt the Icelanders could spin a good story about this.

And, no, your data isn't going to deep-frozen and stored in supermarket-style deep freezers.