SteelEye announced a product to provide automatic failover should a VMware VirtualCenter Server crash in April last year.

The Protection Suite for VMware Infrastructure 3 announcement stated: "The Protection Suite ... delivers the industry's first solution for clustering VirtualCenter Management Server. Monitoring VirtualCenter and the underlying database to ensure their complete availability, LifeKeeper detects any problems which would disrupt management capabilities and performs an automatic recovery action."

It: "supports clustering together physical and virtual servers for high availability, continuous data protection and disaster recovery."

The SteelEye Protection Suite for VMware Infrastructure 3 complements WMware's built-in high availability technologies with VMware HA and VMware Consolidated Backup by delivering data replication and high availability clustering technologies to monitor and automatically recover any piece of the VMware Infrastructure 3 environment.

While VMware HA protects virtual machines from hardware failure, LifeKeeper provides protection against O/S and application failures within the virtual machine.

LifeKeeper monitor applications and their dependencies including file systems, device drivers, IP addresses and data connections. Any failure is automatically detected and recovered. Recovery can include restarting the application within the same virtual machine, migrating the application to a virtual machine on the same server, migrating it to a virtual machine on a different server or performing failover to a physical server.

LifeKeeper monitors the entire virtual machine environment and can perform both administrator-initiated stop/resume of ESX Server virtual machines and fully automated LifeKeeper-initiated recovery, based on user-defined policies, to a paired physical server.

From within the guest OS, SteelEye Data Replication performs real-time continuous data protection across either a LAN (synchronous) or WAN (asynchronous). This removes the need for shared storage in any ESX Server clustered deployment and allow the building of remote disaster recovery configurations for the VMware-based applications.