I'm in Barcelona, ready for the Mobile World Congress - well as ready as anyone can be. I've made appointments, and synched them with my phone. And I'm here.

In fact I got here early enough for a bike ride up to Gaudi's impressive Parc Guell, and a look round the old town, which I enjoyed.

Then look what I find when I get my phone out. This Nokia has been a very robust machine, and I've dropped it before, but somehow it's taken against some rough treatment today, that I can't even remember dishing out.l

Like most of the world (well those who don't have iPhones), I switch between Nokia and Sony Ericsson, and I have my trusty P1i with me - that's what took this photo. So I'm up and running. Except I never did manage to synch my calendar with it.

So for the next three days, only Google and my laptop know where I'm supposed to be. Unless I do something radical like print out my appointments. Or write them out longhand.