Symantec has issued a statement about the Revivio deal, saying it only bought the intellectual property and made employment offers to the engineering team. It didn't buy the whole company.

Here is the statement: "On November 20, 2006, Symantec acquired substantially all of the intellectual property of Revivio, a Massachusetts-based provider of continuous data protection enterprise technology. Symantec acquired intellectual property, including patents, and has made employment offers to the core engineering team of Revivio."

It may be then that the price paid was less than $10 million, meaning that the venture capitalist backers of Revivio have lost several tens of millions of dollars, their shirts in fact. The CDP market matured so quickly that Revivio didn't have time to modify its strategy and grow to a profitable state before the VCs could sell at a profit.

Hopefully Symantec got a bargain. Nobody else involved in the deal appears to have.