I recently saw something that I don't think I've ever seen before - a wireless router with a power button.

The whole idea of broadband Internet was that it would be always-on as well as fast, but in these energy-conscious days, people now want to switch stuff off to save electricity. Netgear has therefore obliged by adding an off-switch to its home routers.

Of course, you could say it's feel-good tokenism. It lets people think they're saving the planet when all they're really doing is knocking a few pennies off the electricity bill - and more importantly, when they could do a lot more for the environment by driving and flying less, for example.

But it could also be a sign that developers are trying harder to meet user expectations and ensure that their gear 'fits in'. Another example of this is that, like mobile phones, several wireless routers now have internal aerials instead of stubby external ones.

You could probably sell that power button as a security measure too - as a way to stop the neighbours from nicking your bandwidth. Clever stuff, this green technology.