North Yorkshire's seaside resort of Scarborough is well known for its beach and indeed its surfing, but until now, the latter has required a willingness to get wet. Very wet.

That's changed though with the launch of Freebay Wi-Fi - yes, it's web surfing, not wave surfing. The town's traders have banded together to help fund wireless access across the South Bay seafront, plus the harbour and marina, claiming it's the country's first seafront with free wireless broadband.

Tales persist of commercial wireless hotspots that get fewer than half a dozen paying visitors a day, but stories like this hint that there is still plenty of interest in using free wireless as a promotional tool.

One does wonder just how many visiting businesspeople will use the network to "be in contact with their office while eating lunch on the seafront", as the Scarborough group's press release suggests they will.

But the targeting of tourists, yachts and fishing boats is a reminder (if any were needed!) of how many Wi-Fi devices there are around these days - and of just how widespread is the expectation of broadband availability.