Sun Microsystems' UK arm has had a major upset with MD Trudy Norris-Grey leaving to pursue other interests after just two years in the office. Oops.

A Kim Jones, also female, has been appointed in her stead as UK and Eire president and MD by EMEA SVP Peter Ryan, a day after Trudy Norris-Grey departed That was fast work. Jones is a twenty year lifer at Sun. She was VP global government, education and health care which entailed sales, strategic planning, marketing, business development, external research, programs and collaborations.

The reason for Ms Norris-Grey going or reasons are not known. The anouncement memo was formulaic in its expression of gratitude for her contribution and did not express any regrets. There was no new position mentioned so the odds are that she was fired or resigned over a severe disagreement. It would have to be pretty severe to give up a job like that.

Kim Jones received an invite to join Women in Technology International (WITI)'s Hall of Fame at the end of last year because of her significant contributions in science and technology, which she accepted. She also received a Sun leadership award in 2001.

Ryan has been reported as saying of Jones that: "Kim is very customer-focused and results oriented. Her motto is 'think big, start smart, act fast'." In a Guardian profile Norris-Grey was quoted as saying: "'You decide where you're going, you get it in your mind, and you bloody well get there. Don't talk about it, just do it!'. Seems like Sun has appointed a pea out of the same pot.