At Apple's world-wide developer conference Brian Croll, Apple's senior Mac OS product marketing director, said: "ZFS is not happening.". Croll would not comment further and Sun had nothing to say.

The next version of Mac OS, codenamed Leopard, will use Apple's existing HFS+ as its filesystem, and not Sun's 128-bit Zettabyte File System. This directly contradicts remarks made by Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz.

Such public negations by a major computer company of statements by another major computer company are virtually unheard of. Announcements by one company's CEO that another leading company will use its technology are usually very carefully choreographed. It begins to look as if Schwartz spoke without being in possession of the true facts. He was obviously under the apprehension that the deal was going ahead. It isn't. He's wrong. Who misinformed him, or did he misinform himself?

We could imagine that there is a distinction between Mac OS Server ZFS use and Mac OS desktop ZFS use. Perhaps ZFS is going to be used in Mac OS Server - but in that case why hasn't anyone rushed out a statement saying so? It would be a simple enough confusion to clear up.

However you look at this, it begins to seem that Sun's CEO has made a public blunder.