A quick note. Sun is going to resell Copan's MAID Revolution arrays. These act as virtual tape libraries with most disks spun down most of the time. Sun will slot MAID in as a storage tier between its drive arrays and StorageTek tape libraries. Positioning vs VTL PLus boxes unknown yet. Copan has added block (SCSI) and file-level (NFS, CIFS) access to MAID. Asynch replication coming later this quarter and (Falconstor) de-dupe in Q1 07.

It's a massive boost in support for Copan and the possibility of Sun OEM'ming MAID technology can't be discounted. To my mind the combo of Copan's super-dense disk storage and Sun Opteron chips with Sun software IP could look a pretty good fit with the X4500 (Thumper) and the revised Honeycomb. I'm thinking some form of compliance search functionality.

MAID technology might also possibly figure in Sun's VTL roadmap - but that is me speculating.