This year's Storage Networking World Europe takes place next month in Frankfurt, but while SNW-E has grown well since the SNW people took over the old EuroStorage event, there's now rumblings over its future.

It's not that storage networking is going away - far from it! It's that it's not just about storage any more.

More and more, companies that used to focus on building and selling SANs have moved on. Now they want to sell Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), or networked file management, or file system virtualisation, or WAFS. or whatever Content Delivery Networks are called this month...

There's still going to be a need for storage networking skills of course, and for the even more fundamental skills associated with storage admin, but it seems to me that the activity is increasingly moving up the tiers - and becoming broader as it does.

If ever there was proof needed that storage networking is just another subset of networking, along with application networking, network security and all the others, this is surely it.

So where does that leave the organisers of SNWE, Storage Expo and all the others - is it time to dust off the old Networks show or kick off Information Networks Expo?