I'm off to Storage Expo tomorrow. I've counted over 130 exhibitors. Ouch. That means exhibition visit planning is needed. It's also testimony to the importance of storage to IT. One hundred and thirty plus exhibitors - an amazing number. The big news so far are NetApp's new virtual tape libraries and TNS' solid-state RAMSAN systems for SMEs, the richer sort of SMES it has to be said but still pretty affordable. Don't bother following the site thread for holographic storage - you're led to tens of CA press releases, such as ' CA wins 'Software Vendor of the Year' title in CRN Channel Awards' - like, what has that got to do with holographic storage? - and no actual holographic storage supplier is exhibiting at the show.

So here's to lots of product/service pitches, carrier bags, brochure folders packed with hand-outs, pens, and well-trained stand staff eager to get business cards from potential customers and anxious to quickly detect and sensitively discard tyre-kicking time-wasters. Enjoy!