I'm told that EMC and FalconStor have extended their OEM relationship until 2013. It's interesting that EMC has not bought FalconStor; surely not a case of EMC pockets not being deep enough.

If it had managed that then Sun's open systems VTL product, based on FalconStor software (and X4500 hardware) would have been in an interesting position. Presumably FalconStor did not want to be bought.

The renewed EMC/FalconStor OEM relationship is primarily of interest in respect of the Virtual Tape Library market, which EMC/FalconStor have driven and led together since 2002. More than 70 petabytes of EMC/FalconStor disk library space has been deployed in the last two years.

They say that, according to IDC, open systems VTL has become the premier technology to ease backup and recovery problems. Revenue for VTL open systems was over $250 million in 2005 and it is expected to grow by almost 30 percent per year to $1.1 billon by 2011.