Can the tablet completely replace a tablet for your business needs? Here are a selection of apps that will let you use your Android-based tablet, such a  Samsung Galaxy Tab, for to-do lists, email, and document reviewing:

1. MailDroid

MailDroid lets you sync all of your email accounts in one place. You can manage even heavy traffic with this app that allows you to move mail to folders. Messages autosave while you type them, and you can save email addresses to your contacts with one touch. 
Price: Free with ads

2. ezPDF Reader

Reader reviews cite ezPDF Reader as the best app to view PDF documents due to quick access to the table of contents and how easy it is to annotate PDFs. 
Price: $2.99

3. AndroXplorer

This app does the same thing that Windows Explorer does on your PC with an easy-to-use file management system. 
Price: Free

4. Evernote

One of the features of Evernote is its ability to take audio, photo or text notes.
Price: Free

5. QuickOffice

QuickOffice is one of the most reliable apps for editing Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, which is optimised for the Honeycomb build of Android. 
Price: $14.99

6. Seesmic 

Update and peruse all your social networks at once with Seesmic, which supports Facebook, Twitter, and most other social networks that you want to install. 
Price: Free

7. Wifi Analyzer

Don't waste valuable time jumping from one network to another trying to figure out which one has the best signal. This free app tells you instantly what the best networks are around you and helps you troubleshoot possible issues with your own network. 
Price: Free