Sepaton - 'no tapes' backwards - has extended its de-duping technology. The company supplies virtual tape library products that are the end-point for data storage, not a temporary way station on the journey to tape.

It's launched its S2100-ES2 Series 500 library in the UK and mainland Europe. This library comes with DeltaStor de-duping software. Sepaton claims this disk library has six times the performance and four times the capacity of any other VTL available; that's up to 50PB in one VTL. That's de-duped and compressed data and actually uses 1PB of disk space. It can also scale out to 32 nodes.

It doesn't de-dupe data on ingest. Instead backup runs at disk speed and doesn't get slowed down by CPU cycles being diverted to de-duping. The trade-off is that more disk space is needed to hold the incoming backup data. Sepaton says this is a worthwhile trade-off and claims a maximum data ingest rate of 17.2TB/hour. Restores are up to the same speed, but I suspect that's of un-deduped data as a restore of de-duped data would need the data to be reconstructed from the de-duped fragments.

The company claims a de-dupe ratio of up to 25:1 and, with compression, an effective de-dupe ratio of up to 50:1. These are extraordinary numbers and depend, obviously, on the mix of data being backed up. As the message in US car door mirrors says 'objects in the mirror may be closer than you think' or, in the VTL case, the de-dupe ratio may be less than you think.

Sepaton has a white paper describing its DeltaStor technology.

HP OEMs Sepaton product. If it takes this new kit then it will have a slight jump on EMC, IBM and Sun who are using FalconStor VTL technology. This doesn't have de-dupe generally available yet. It surely will though, and Sun's X4500 box running as a VTL should be an impressive performer. It remains to be seen whether the software will do de-dupe at data ingest time or not. If it does then the Sepaton box should backup faster.

The Sepaton box is available in the UK from Morse, RedStor and Solid State Solutions Limited (S3). An S2100-DS2 VTL for small and medium enterprises should be available in the UK and rest of Europe shortly.