Seagate is set to launch a 750GB capacity, 7200rpm Barracuda according to marketing material on its web site. The 7200.10 drive comes in ATA form and has 4 platters with an average seek time ob 4.16msec. It comes in several capacities: 750; 500; 400; 320; 250; and 200GB. The extra capacity over the previous, or rather, current, 7200.9 generation comes from perpendicular recording. The 7200.9 maxes out at 500GB, so we have a 50 percent increase.

The form factor is 3.5 inch and the cache is 8 or 16MB. The interfaces available will be Ultra ATA 100, SATA 3Gbit/s with NVQ and SATA 1.5Gbit/s with NVQ. It has a 5-year warranty and a 78MB/sec transfer rate.

The application areas are all the PC ones - desktop, workstation, gaming - and desktop RAID plus ATA servers. Seagate sees it as a good fit for both internal and external PC drive use.

We might expect Western Digital to follow suit. As soon as secondary storage drive array manufacturers, such as Nexsan, qualify it then we will see a 50 percent jump in SATA drive array capacity. They may well, though, wait for a second source to become available.

No pricing or availability information is available from Seagate yet.