I was told late at night by a storage company executive, who had enjoyed a few drinks, that Acopia had fired its entire UK sales team. They just couldn't sell the kit according to Rumour Central.

Acopia's Kirby Wadsworth, SVP for marketing and Business Development, responded to the rumour like this: "Acopia’s success is scaring the life out of many of the senior people at “other storage companies” – so it’s not surprising that they are drinking heavily and spouting drivel about us to the press."

Here are the facts:

- We closed 3 - 7 figure deals in UK in first 3 months of 2007. Another similar size deal is in final paperwork this week. Smaller deals abound.
- Finance is our most successful vertical, and London is clearly the global finance center.
- A recent customer event we held at the London Eye was oversubscribed by half, with more than 100 prospect accounts attending.
- Over 50 percent of our overall revenue is booked in EMEA presently.
- Our relationship with IBM is paying dividends in spades across the world.
- We are just this week closing another huge quarter – with better than 20 percent quarter over quarter growth predicted (might be higher…we are still closing).

"We are hiring in the UK as fast as we can – there are currently 3 growth-related sales openings in UK and as many SE and support people are needed to keep up with demand. Like any other company, we have an occasional performance-related separation which can spark such rumors, but our strategic plan and commitment to the UK team is growth, growth, and more growth."

"Whomever he is, buy him another drink – he will need it."