Is DataCore's SANmelody top of the IP SAN virtualisation charts? Here is an extract from a recent company release: "Hundreds of new, small to mid-size customers have installed DataCore’s SANmelody storage virtualization software in the second half of 2006.

New users include:-
- Span the Wan,
- S&S Cycle,
- Coastal Range Systems,
- LifeSearch,
- Hedgemetrix LLC,
- Fox Williams,
- Hamilton Beach,
- Hallmark Financial Services, Inc.,
- ETO,
- Herakles LLC,
- Olin Corp.,
- Paragon Engineering,
- Alchemy Plus,
- City of Carmel,
- Wilcox & Savage,
- First Hawaiian Bank,
- University of Arkansas,
- John H. Harland Company,
- Teachers Media Company,
- Dennis Publishing,
- VerdictMAX,
- Adolfson & Peterson Construction,
- Bridgewater Associates,
- EngenderHealth,
- Spectranetics,
- LTK Engineering Services,
- All Medical Personnel

...and many more."

Why? DataCore's release states: "Companies worldwide are clearly moving beyond component level virtualization to “total enterprise virtualization,” which spans servers, desktops and storage. The growing success of VMware and its support for new, low cost iSCSI storage connectivity has also spurred virtualization deployments in smaller to mid-size companies, which want the data protection and greater uptime benefits of a SAN."

This supports the view that Fibre Channel is the enterprise SAN du jour whereas iSCSI is the SME menu topper. That's a crude split but it expresses the basic divide between the two SAN technologies.

DataCore has implemented its SANsymphony Fibre Channel SAN software capabilities in the SANmelody product and its pitch here is that it supports both FC and IP with a starting price of less than a (dollar) grand. It's a classic 'enterprise functionality at SMB prices' message and it seems to be producing SANmelody customers in droves.

That's a great start for 2007 and, if the momentum is maintained, it ought to realise its 1,000th SANmelody customer in a few months time. Sweet music indeed.