Samsung typo alert

In a marvellous piece of press release prose Samsung's PR flacks, describing the new OneDRAM fusion memory product, state: "The 133MHz 512Mb device incorporates a dual-port approach to sharply increase the time that it takes to transfer data between processors."

Sharply increase the time? Yes I see - not. The release goes on to say: "Along with the faster data processing speeds between the processors ... resulting in a five-fold increase in the speed of cell phone and gaming console operations..." making obvious the flacks' mistake.

Maybe they chose 'increase' rather than 'decrease.' Perhaps they meant to say 'sharply increase the speed it takes'? Perhaps it's a lost in translation thing? Translating from Korean to English is no doubt tricky.

Whatever. It's a lovely mistake. And it is so nice to catch out the carefully controlled PR industry text factory machinery instead of them contacting us over mistakes. I'm going to enjoy it while I can.