Everyone concerned is denying it, so it could be untrue, but there are persistent rumours that Trapeze is in negotiations with a structured cabling company.

It sounds like a comedown, for a Wi-Fi pioneer to become part of a company that gets excited about Cat6 cables, but it's not illogical. Trapeze does wireless networks, and these should increasingly become part of the structured wiring put in by companies like the company in question, St Louis-based Belden.

Several wiring companies have deals to sell WLANs, and it ought to be a growth area. Aruba got tremendously excited a couple of years back, about a deal to have its kit sold by Ortronics. Belden itself currently sells Extricom WLANs.

There's nothing more to add about this, at this stage, though our colleague Joanie Wexler has got some intriguingly evasive comments from Trapeze and Belden.