Go figure. HDS is going to buy BlueArc, the fast NAS vendor. Wow. That would kind of fit with TagmaStore's NAS blades.

Then we hear HDS might be about to buy Sun's entire storage business. Wow!

But HDS is a subsidiary of Hitachi. HDS isn't an acquisitive company. That's a western, non-Japanese business trait. Just because two sources print rumours that HDS is going to buy this company or that company doesn't make it true.

Strange how such rumours swirl around Sun though. It's rumoured to be trying to sell its 6920 product business. It's rumoured that storage division boss David Yen is unhappy and may want to leave. Executives stream out of the storage division. The storage marketing is thought to be in difficulties.

What extraordinary times we live in. The HP pretexting saga, EMC's endless acquisition spree, Sony's battery debacle, share option scandals affecting Brocade, Apple and others. When real life is so eventful and peculiar then rumours flourish, because they don't seem as fanciful as they would normally. Go figure.