Radio chip giant Qualcomm has beaten other bidders to some L-Band radio spectrum, which will suit its mobile TV technology very nicely.

Qualcomm's subsidiary Qualcomm UK Spectrum, bought 40 MHz (1452-1492 MHz) of spectrum, in a Ofcom auction which finished today. The licence is technology neutral, so the company can do what it likes with the spectrum (within reason), the most likely thing being MediaFLOc mobile TV, currently used for services in the US (with Verizon and AT&T).

The European Union already favours DVB-H

Qualcomm paid £8.34 million to get the block of spectrum, which Ofcom had previously said would probably net a minimum of £950,000. It beat competitors including O2. It's expected to use partners, possibly BSkyB, with whom it has already tested MediaFLO in the UK,