In an Insight feature about information lifecycle management (ILM) Craig Nunes of 3PAR and colleague John Taffinder characterised Pillar Data's ILM as being dependent upon disk track placement on disks. A Pillar spokesperson said: "Pillar’s QoS is not just on the disk but throughout the total system (Slammer, Fabric, Brick, Disk). This is a key differentiator for the Pillar system against the competition in the market."

“QoS is not simply a matter of data placement on a disk or even different classes of disk. Disk banding or short stroking has been around for long time. It is the holistic product of intelligent queuing algorithms, meaningful cache management as well as intelligent disk placement. Those who think that it is a product of the disk are missing a trick. With the Pillar Axiom QoS and intelligent data layout, its SATA drives will far outperform the EMC low cost FC drives and provide better utilisation.”