Overland Storage has said a new product is coming. What is it? Beats me.

The Q2 financial results show signs of light at the end of Overland's hard tunnel. Sales to its main OEM customer are up sequentially compared to the first quarter and the company's gross margin is climbing back up. Within the results statement is a mention of a $1.25 million payment to a third party for the purchase of software code.

This code will be incorporated into a new product currently in development. It will be used to enhance the REO products (disk-to-disk backup with HW compression and Diligent de-dupe) and as the foundation for a new product in development in Overland software, which will become an integral component of Overland's tiered data protection strategy.

Overland has three hardware tiers in this strategy: NEO and ArcVault tape products; REO D2D; and Ultamus protected RAID. REO and one other of these platforms look to become the ones used by the new product - I can't see a new product spanning both NEO and Ultamus across REO.

Is it some form of power-down software?