Psychic serendipity rules. In a two successive blogs yesterday I first mentioned Stephen FX Murphy, ex-CEO of Softek, and then Plasmon's new mystery CEO. Little did I know....

.... that Stephen FX Murphy, Softek's redoubtable CEO has now become Plasmon's new chief. Well, if the company wanted a shot in the arm it has just appointed what is vulgarly known in the medical trade as a booster jab.

Murphy was leading Softek when the promised SRM boom became a boomlet and then virtually vanished. He repositioned Softek as a file and data migration company, successfully, and then oversaw its purchase by IBM for an undisclosed sum about a year ago. It was a triumph as Softek could have turned into a minor player hanging on to a niche role. Instead it became valuable and the investors were, presumably, much happier than they might have been.

Murphy was a VP for data mobility solutions at IBM, after the acquisition of Softek. Now he has returned to a challenging CEO position.

Plasmon's announcement states that Murphy has: "a proven track record in successfully repositioning companies for growth" which is exactly what is needed at Plasmon where UDO growth has been less than hoped for yet the data centre power efficiency and space constraint issues are setting the scene for a significant increase in data archiving as a way of reducing the spinning disk estate. Ditto the increase in compliance needs where certifiable write-once-read-many (WORM) UDO disks are a good fit.

His quote in the release goes like this: "Plasmon has proven and reliable archive solutions, an enviable customer base, a growing and strong distribution channel, with more than twenty years of archive expertise serving the medical, financial, and technology industry sectors. Leveraging this foundation, Plasmon is positioned to deliver scalable, cost-effective and regulatory compliant archive solutions to customers globally. I am excited for the opportunity to work with Plasmon¹s customers, partners and innovative team to lead this business to a new level of growth and success."

No mention of green issues there but a plug for compliance.

Rod Powell, Plasmon's now replaced and interim CEO was quoted thus: "Mr. Murphy¹s strategic and operational management skills made him the commanding choice to lead Plasmon to its full potential."

Plasmon is no Softek, facing its market fading away and needing to find a new one from its ashes. But is does have a company product characteristic mismatch with its market which has held it back. Its investors, its board, its channel partners, its suppliers and its employees will all, I expect, be looking forward to the special effects, the boost, that Steven FX Murphy can hopefully bring to the company.

It's a great appointment.