Much progress on the standards front. Contrary to the silence surrounding Aperi the SNIA'S SMI-S standard has been adopted by ISO - the International Standards Organisation, and also by IEC - the International Electrotechnical Commission.

So what?

The SNIA Europe chair thinks it will deliver the storage management goods in the future: "ISO standardisation of SMI-S will provide many end users with the confidence to embrace the latest storage technologies safe in the knowledge that their investments will ultimately support their organisations now and in the future." Well, yes but that means zip for the here and now.

More welcoming but fairly disappointing words in terms of deliverables came from Wendy Betts, Distributed Storage Manager for Hewitt Associates and chair of the SNIA End User Council (EUC)P: "the processing of SMI-S as an ISO/IEC International Standard marks a significant step forward for the future development of storage standards. Global enterprises are deploying storage networks in increasingly large numbers to support their worldwide infrastructure, and SMI-S is allowing users to centrally manage their multi-vendor, multi-geography networks through a standard interface.’

'Ultimately support' and 'future development' give the game away in that the ISO standardisation increases the moral force on storage management product vendors to do something and deliver working and SMI-S-compliant heterogeneous storage management software products.

Self-congratulatory fluff came from an IEC spokesperson, Gabriel Barta, Technical Officer for SC 25 in IEC: "Adoption of SMI-S as an ISO/IEC International Standard is a key milestone that is likely to increase market confidence. It also demonstrates the flexibility of IEC and ISO in recognising consortia commitment and contributions to standards."

That is so very true. I do have to say that I am truly amazed at the flexibility of IEC and ISO in recognising consortia commitment. Give that Barta person a job as a corporate PR person at once. This sort of verbiage raises the likelihood of projectile vomiting to quite a high level.

My take is that ISO is more important than IEC. Wouldn't it be good if HP continued to make mincemeat of other vendors' lackadaisical SMI-S efforts and creamed into their customer bases with Storage Essentials? They deserve no less. As for the others in the anti-Aperi Group words fail me....No. Stop. I'm, a hack. I can't write that and mean it....


I didn't. As I was (not) saying, words (don't) fail me. The only storage management thing they seem to agree on is not to join in with Aperi and make heterogeneous storage management work. C'mon, prove us sceptics wrong. Get with Aperi or get with your own program.

File area networks

I'm told that the SNIA has just approved a FAN workgroup to meet next week in San Jose. This meeting will consider a FAN technical glossary and a first cut file networking proposal to generate comment and criticism to drive a categorisation of file networking approaches. (I think the term is strawman.)

With pushy vendors and an energetic analyst behind the FAN wheel it's going to start rolling forward.