I just received this week's - and quite possibly this month's - most redundant press release. It begins:

"Telecom companies moving into IPTV services face a "challenge" in turning that involvement into revenue and must cut content acquisition costs, warns StrategyEye Digital Media analyst Aleksandra Bosnjak."

Do they think that sending this guff out will generate anything other than laughter? What's next - an analyst discovers that the sea is wet?

IPTV has been a blatant financial black hole waiting to happen ever since it was first mooted - and "cutting content acquisition costs" isn't going to change that.

As the saying goes, You don't get owt for nowt. If the content's cheap, there's a reason for that - it's either junk, and no-one (or at least, no-one your advertisers want to reach) will watch it, or perhaps more depressingly for us content-creators, it's stolen.

The only people who're going to make money out of IPTV are the equipment vendors, and even they had better tread very carefully to avoid being dragged down along with all the naïve bandwagon jumpers currently mis-managing too much of our telecom industry.