A round-up of the top stories to pique my interest over the last seven days:

Smartphone-maker Samsung in talks to develop contactless payment technology to rival of Apple’s ‘Pay’

© iStock/iLexx
© iStock/iLexx

Display technology that is 100,000 times smaller than the width of human hair - quantum dot technology is set to grace our screens in 2015

Reduced cost of robotic components increases likelihood of robotics on the shop floor

Research reported this week by KPMG suggests over 50% of IT software failures are largely avoidable and are often caused by software coding errors. The study looked at incidents within both private businesses and the public sector within the last 12 months

As the winter cold taking hold, gloves that are able to make contactless payments have been unveiled by Barclaycard

IDC predicts half of all consumers will regularly interact with services based on cognitive computing by 2018