"Have-a-go heroes do more data loss damage than good." That sounded a nice contrary press release headline. Got me going. Let's read on. "X reveals that more than half of UK companies have no fixed procedure for data recovery." Cue Daily Mail Shock! Horror!! How could they not!!!

Faintly, at the edge of my being, hackles started rising... Why on earth should businesses have a fixed process for data recovery? In 99 cases out of a hundred it's utterly trivial. "Whoops, I deleted a file. Better fetch it from the recycle bin/contact the backup people."

I read on: "A third of employees would try to rectify a data loss problem themselves, risking further damage to computer equipment. This trend was uncovered by an X survey, which recently questioned 329 workers across the UK."

A third of employees would try to recover themselves... Presumably the other two thirds were too witless to try or IT environment complexity had bamboozled them. Risking further damage to computer equipment ... Oh Really. How crass. Who wrote this arrant rubbish. My car won't start; better not turn the key and try again in case I risk further damage to my automotive equipment. Call the AA.

I read on, and then the hackles suddenly exploded. "This trend was uncovered..." What trend? All we have is a one-third-of type reading. A trend requires a series of reading over time or across some other dimension, not a single data point. Trend? The only trend here I can see is for PR companies and suppliers to put out tosh.

Why was it sent? It couldn't be anything to do with Seagate's DIY data recovery software? We're not seeing Nanny feeling threatened and jumping into PR overdrive are we? Somebody's over-costly business model isn't under threat is it? Nanny is, I fear, getting her undignified knickers in a twist.