Tetris may have 21 years of history here, but some players still hold the original NES and Game Boy games closest to their hearts. Here are some of the more significant recent homages to some of the oldest iteration of the game.

Shown here is a game spotted on GameSetWatch earlier today entitled Not Tetris. Using the Game Boy launch Tetris as a template, Facepunch forum user Maurice altered the game to allow full 360 degree rotation of the blocks, while removing the ability to clear lines. Add in the post-landing physics of the blocks, and the simple game becomes chaotic. Thankfully the objective is just as straightforward as the original. Fit as many blocks on screen as possible. You can download the game here.

If you're looking to experience the original Nintendo Tetris games in a more natural way, the recently-announced Classic Tetris World Championship could satisfy your urge next month. Taking place in LA on August 8, the Classic Tetris World Championship will be a six hour tournament in which Tetris pros and on-site qualifiers will face off to notch the highest scores in the Nintendo-published version of Tetris for the NES. Tengen's NES version of Tetris, the unlicensed version that features a versus mode, will not be used, if the tournament promotional footage is any indication. The event will be featured in an upcoming Tetris documentary entitled Ecstasy of Order, which you can learn more about here. To learn more about the event, check out the tournament's official website.

SOURCE: Not Tetris Features Maddening, Physics-based Twist [GameSetWatch]