Lenovo's x300, launched today, is the thinnest and lightest full-function laptop, according to the company, but it doesn't compete with Apple's well-hyped device.

The machine has a DVD burner - or extra batteries, which can give it up to ten hours battery life. It also has three USB ports, and Ethernet. The screen is backlit LED which helps battery life, and it is only available with solid state drives. It costs from about 2000 to 2500 euros all in.

Why no hard disk option? "Frankly, it's a bet," said Lenovo's David McQuarrie at the Paris launch. SSDs are more expensive at the moment, but this kind of decision will drive the price down, he said, and customers will benefit from extra reliability.

The company also discussed the physical demands of thin laptops. Because they are lighter, you can hold them by one corner, which can flex the motherboard - so they have to be more resistent to bending.

One drawback is a 1.2GHz processor which "is enough for our target market" said McQuarrie, even running Vista. This processor seems to be special to the Lenovo machine, but neither Lenovo or Intel would discuss whether Lenovo might have access to the Intel processor developed for the MacBook Air.