To give an indication of how complex the range of EMC's activites are here are just three ongoing events. EMC bought an Israeli-founded technology company, nLayers, to better map entity relationships in networks of computers. Small change these days. It gave $1,000,000 to help digitise the John F Kennedy Kennedy Presidential Museum in Boston. That moves it a notch up the corporate worthiness and good citizen scale. It also announced plans to sell off 144 acres of unwanted land 25 miles south of its headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. This land had been ear-marked for a large campus. No more. So, like any good land bank owner, it wants to divide the land into smaller lots and sell it off to property developers.

Enter local town officials in Bellingham, who fear the town budget will have to bear road improvement and allied costs for all these mini-developments if the plan goes ahead. As reported in the Milford Daily News via, EMC "came in with the lousiest possible plan and said 'take it or leave it,'" said Roland Laprade, a Bellingham Planning Board member.

EMC is apparently going to explore a compromise with the town officials.

While these three things are going on EMC is developing product, supporting product, selling product, strategising its future and doing all the other necessary things a global IT corporation does these days. The fact that such a colossus can be managed and directed efficiently so that all these multifarious activities can be synchronised and balanced is a wonder to behold.

Perhaps EMC has a second meaning to its acronym: an exemplary managed corporation.