Brocade says that the idea it is staking its place at a 5-card stud data centte control game by playing against server vendors such as HP and IBM or a software vendor like Microsoft is wrong.

Instead Brocade is working together with its OEMs to put the pieces in place to create a new picture of a data centre.

Here is what Brocade says about the new data centre fabric (DCF) idea: "It is NOT designed to take on our OEM partners for control of the data center, as indicated in your article, rather DCF is designed to work with them to meet customer requirements. We believe this partnering aspect is key to the success of Data Center Fabric and is one of Brocade’s strong differentiators over the competition."

"With DCF, Brocade will continue to work with our storage, server and systems partners to ensure maximum compatibility and choice for customers. Our technology stacks enable OEM and third party applications to benefit from our fabric layer. We do not intend to own the customer or the overarching management layer. Our partners and customers have flexibility and best in breed solutions through our approach."

"More servers, applications, storage and data are connected to and through Brocade technology than any other in the data center. What we are seeing is our OEM partners asking us to extend our reach and provide them with the connectivity and underlying intelligence that they can leverage to solve customer problems, seamlessly, non-disruptively and without having to rip and replace their assets."

"We are collaborating with server virtualization vendors and our Tier 1 OEMs in joint marketing efforts to educate our customers on how our solutions complement each other to support server virtualization, I/O virtualization, and storage virtualization in large enterprises."

In effect Brocade's assertion is that DCF is not a 5-card stud table stake; it's a forming data centre picture and Brocade and its OEM partners are working together to create the pieces in this new data centre jigsaw.