We all knew there was a 3G iPhone in the works. What surprised us was the price, and the extent to which iPhone is now enterprise-friendly.

$199 is cheap for this sort of phone. One year on from the original, you can have twice the capacity for half the cost, with 3G as well. And Steve Jobs paraded business-grade apps and developers at the launch, convincing many observers that this is now a serious phone for business.

"The Symbian and Windows Mobile folks will need to do a little thinking," says Craig Mathia. "Cost reduction is now the name of the game, and there will be very few new handsets priced above $300 announced over the next year."

I think that will prove to be a driver towards open source on handsets, but I still wouldn't bet big on Android against iPhone.

But wait - in amongst all the nice features, it's still got a major flaw, says Dean Bubley. Only a 2 megapixel camera.