A Techworld reader mailed me this note: "Saw your article on the DataFORTRESS ... after doing some research of my own I wanted to let you know that there are other products like this on the market that have been out far longer. One is called the ioSafe. Might want to check that out as well."

So I did. It looks like another good product to help small and medium businesses guard against disasters wiping out their data. The ioSafe is a fortified external drive enclosure holding a single drive. Data Fortess is a USB or FireWire-connected Fire Safe containing a pair of drives.

The ioSafe protects against fire, blast, shock and flood. It can protect against theft through a lockable cable mount - standard fitting - or a floor mount kit. Like Data Fortress it comes with Restrospect software to backup internal hard drive data to the external disk. Also like Data Fortress it uses a Schwab steel enclosure.

You can get ioSafe product specifications here. Cost is said to be $3,000 - 3,300. A blog has a little bit more information about the device. It seems worth checking out as a neat small/medium business disaster recovery/data protection idea. Thanks Jay.

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