If you look at this website you'll see that Hu Yoshida, the Hitachi Data Systems chief technology officer, is going to make an announcement on May 14th.

Companies make big announcements generally in two ways. They traditionally keep it secret and maybe brief selected media with embargo'd information. Or, as with this, they tell everyone something is going to be said at some date in the future.

It's the CTO making the pitch, which suggests it's a new product with a technology twist. HDS has announced a tie-up with super-NAS supplier BliueArc in the traditional way, ditto new versions of its virtualising network storage controller. The announcement of an announcement style taken with this May 14th suggests it might be much more important than that.

A Techworld interview with Hu Yoshida last month suggests that service-oriented architectue and virtualisation of storage services might be involved.

We might be looking at a new TagmaStore with SOA and (virtualised) storage app services, such as de-duplication or replication sitting on a new iteration of HDS' virtualising storage controller.

HDS drive arrays are OEM'd by both HP and Sun by the way.