IBM seems to be planning to put flash memory solid state disk (SSD) into its DS8000 storage arrays.

This is to deal with those situations where customers need very much faster access to their stored data and don't want to suffer read/write head movement latency problems.

Talking (blogging) about EMC's addition of flash SSD technology to its DMX-4 arrays, IBM's Barry Whyte, a 'master inventor' working in the SAN Volume Controller area, wrote:

"There's nothing to stop IBM, HDS or its clones from doing the same, ah but there actually is. The anarchist (another storage blogger inside EMC) would like you to think that this is because we are not investing in (DS)8000, don't have any plans to add anything to it... (yawn)... OK, no names were mentioned, no NDA's broken, no disclosures un-disclosed, just 2+2 = 4."

THis is a pretty strong hint that flash SSD technology is coming to the DS8000.