Back in the days of the BBC Computer and Acorn - remember Acorn? It spun out Acorn Risc Machines or ARM, the small RISC chip designer with resulted in the StrongARM processor. ARM chips are to be found in many mobile phones and similar devices because they are small, powerful and use little power. Anyway Acorn's hardware expertise also extended to putting the machine's operating system and main applications in memory chips, ROM, instead of on hard drives. This meant that the little beauties booted up very quickly, not like the Windows monsters of today which can take minutes to load Windows bloatware into half a gigabyte or more of PC RAM.

Now Samsung is about ready to show its hybrid hard drive technology. Hard drives get 128 or 256MB of NAND flash memory cache added to them. Microsoft has added capabilities to Windows Vista to take advantage of it. Notebook computers need only spin their hard drive when cache is full or needs replenishing. Boot time is quicker. Resume time is quicker. Notebook battery life is extended.

Terrific. Let's have Seagate and Western Gigital on-board this hybrid hard drive technology to provide second sourcing and let them add flash cache to their PC drives too. It can't come too soon and would provide me with a good reason to upgrade to Vista.