Quantum and HP are getting together for LTO-5 work. IBM doesn't seem to be included. Is three a crowd?

The LTO consortium is IBM, HP and Quantum. The next format is LTO-5 which will double LTO-4's 800GB capacity. Now Quantum and HP have announced a closer partnership for LTO-5 work that fails to mention IBM.

Quantum announced that it will partner more closely with HP in the development of future LTO tape drives, beginning with LTO-5. ... expanded relationship will capitalize on their respective strengths... Quantum will focus on advanced technology work while drawing on the scale and scope of HP's product development assets...This will enable Quantum to improve our tape drive operating model and use some of the resulting savings to innovate further in the area of disk-based backup, data de-duplication and replication."

Why is HP playing along with that? Unless the LTO consortium is broken up - meaning IBM leaves - IBM gets the benefit of the LTO-5 work. I think that HP might be in league with Quantum to use Quantum's non-tape data protection products, such as those in the 'disk-based backup, data de-duplication and replication' areas. There has to be a quid pro quo.