Spotify and Facebook recently took their 'relationship status' to the next level, introducing a whole host of new features which saw the streaming music player deeply integrated with the social network.

However, some users have not taken to kindly to certain changes, including how Spotify now tells all your Facebook friends what you are listening to, live.

Thankfully, for this particular feature at least, there is a simple workaround to stop it from happening, saving you the embarrassment of your network of friends knowing that your jamming out to the Jonas Brothers.

If you're a Spotify user who is blissfully unaware of these recent changes, then here's the lowdown:

If you have your Spotify account linked up to your Facebook account, which is now a requirement for new users by the way, then the music application will now post to your wall (soon to be Timeline) with information on what you're currently playing. Not only that, but this information will also show up in the recently introduced live news ticker.

Got it? Right, so if you want to stop your tunes from auto-posting to Facebook, it's actually very simple. Just fire up the Spotify player and navigate to the Preferences. Once there you should see a Facebook section just below the settings. Within this setting area is a checkbox that reads "Get personal recommendations by sending music you play to Facebook's Open Graph", just untick this.

This is all you need to do to save yourself from the shame of your musically guilty pleasures going public. Not only that, but you don't even have to wade through Facebook's application or privacy settings, which we all know can be a little bit of a nightmare.

Happy listening!