If ye be tired of Cap'n Zuckerberg's plain English on ye olde Facebook, here's how ye scurvy dogs can mutiny, in celebration of international Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day, an insufferable day o' funny talkin' from yer Hassle-Free captain. Aye! 

Scroll ye cursor to the briny bottom of the Facebook page, all the way down to where them lubbers has typed English (US). Click ye that link o' blue, then find ye the scrawl marked English (Pirate). Click ye again with that vile ship-infestin' vermin.

How to talk like a pirate

Arrrr! Now yer status be your Captain's Log. Yer friends be yer mateys, yer upcoming events yer Looming Grog Fests. Videos are bewitched portraits and connecting to Facebook via yer smartphone be called using your pocket parrot. 

Even if ye haven't the foggiest clue what we're on about, as long as ye know ye olde Facebook layout, then ye'll be able to find ye way. We'll not spoil the rest o' the surprises for ye, mateys. But if this don't put ye in the pirate spirit, then I be makin' ya walk th' plank.

When ye's ready to sail back to Facebook's old ways, just repeat the clickin', but in reverse. Yo-ho-ho!