Twenty five days after we noted MacBooks 2.5-inch drives may lose your data, Apple has confirmed that there may be a problem.

Not content with spyware loaded onto some of its Chinese 2.5-inch drives Seagate has found that some of its Chinese-made 2.5-inch drives suffer head crashes and destroy the drives.

The problem has been reported by UK_based Retrodata. Seagate MacBook drives with a firmware version 7.01 are susceptible. My MacBook is okay; it has a Toshiba drive. Check yours by looking under Serial ATA in the system information facility.

Retrodata states 'Should you have one of these drives in your system, we believe the problem is serious enough to warrant copying all your data off the drive and replacing it with an alternative drive, or a retail-version Seagate drive.'

Seagate has not issued a recall notice and neither has Apple.

Seagate is having a torrid time with its Chinese manufacturing operation. CEO Bill Watkins will once again be raising his eyebrows at Dave Mosley, his SVP Global Disc Storage Operations; Mr Seagate Manufacturing in short. He'll be talking to Jerry Glembocki, SVP Heads and Media. If they don't get this problem fixed then they will suffer a career crash.