An industry source is saying HDS' w-w sales head, Scott Genereux, has quit. This is about eight months since US HDS boss Dave Roberson quit to join HP. Genereux was a direct report of Roberson's.

There has been no comment from HDS or confirmation from DataDirect where he might have moved.

However, a Google search on "Scott Genereux" generates this result:-

"HDS: Executive Vice President and General Manager Worldwide Sales ...Scott Genereux is executive vice president and general manager of Worldwide Sales, Marketing, and Support at Hitachi Data Systems, where he leads the ... executive-team/scott-genereux.html - 27k -"

Click the link and you find:-

Hitachi Data System Executives

Minoru Kosuge - Chief Executive Officer

Jack Domme - Chief Operating Officer

Susan Lynch - Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Greg Coplans - Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs

Rex Carter - Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Frans van Rijn - Senior Vice President, Global Logistics

John Mansfield - Senior Vice President, Global Solutions Strategy and Development

Brian Householder - Senior Vice President, Business Planning and Development

Nancy Long - Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources

Hubert Yoshida - Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

- or, no Scott Genereux.

The Google ref means he was at HDS but the HDS web site has been amended with Genereux' entry removed.

Intrestingly a search of HDS' website on "Genereux" reveals a mention on the sitemap. Follow this link and you get:-

Executive Team
Hubert Yoshida
Nancy Long
Frans van Rijn
Scott Genereux
Kazuhiko Takechi
Jack Domme
Rex Carter
Greg Coplans
Minoru Kosuge

Hey presto, Scott G is in the top-level executive team. So click the link and what do you see? No Scott G. and no head of w-w sales. Scott G. has become a non-person. It looks as if he's definitely gone.

The competition for enterprise drive arrays is intense. HDS is a stand-out with its use of very clever storage controllers acting as the point of intelligence for storage management applications like virtualisation. IBM pours out an opposing message that a fabric-attached appliance (SVP) is the place to do this. EMC supports this, in a lacklustre manner admittedly, with InVista running in a Cisco or Brocade fabric director. Neither of HDS' enterprise array OEMS, HP and Sun, push the HDS Controller vision much. Sun used to but offloaded its philosophically similar product, the 6920, into the support engineering care of HDS and presumably is carrying out no further development.

It looks as there is trouble at the top in HDS and the sales kingpin had no faith in the product sales strategy and no faith in CEO Minoru Kosuge's ability to put things right.

(There is a rumour from just one source that one of Genereux' direct reports at HDS has also left the company.)