It appears HDS is endorsing FATA drives as a capacity-centric tier of storage in its USP-V product.

The beautifully-named Ruptured Monkey blog writer says a reader e-mailed him about a Hitachi Data Systems rep announcing HDS would add support for 750GB FATA (Fibre Attached Technology Adapted) disk drives to its USP-V enterprise array on November 14th with announcement on November 5th.

That's pretty detailed. As an extra, 1TB FATA drives would be added in the middle of 2008. Bit odd though. FATA is, well, out on a limb. Why not use SATA?

Anyway, here we have tier one storage evolving to a multi-tiered scheme with tier 1 and tier 2 in the same overall enclosure. We don't know if Fibre Channel and FATA drives can be intermixed randomly or whether there will be separate shelves; the latter I expect.

Also the virtualising controller will presumably now have two logical pools of storage: a performance-centric pool using FC drives; and a capacity-centric pool based on the FATA drives. There will need to be policies used for some storage management software to migrate files/blocks between the two based on file type, activity level, etc. - the usual suspects.

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