The best laid plans, etc. An analyst, apparently pre-briefed by HDS, has blabbed to Byte & Swtch about the May 14th HDS announcement.

It's code-named 'Broadway' and appears to be TagmaStore follow-on with a maximum of 576TB internal capacity, an increase from the current 332TB. TagmaStore can currently link in 32PB of external storage via its powerful virtualising universal storage controller. This will jump to 256PB.

There will be support for 4Gbit/s Fibre Channel, also thin provisioning and better local and remote replication. This will support more volumes and replication pairs and increase the number of mirrored systems to four.

EMC's Symmetric can have around 1PB of capacity and an EMC spokesperson questioned the validity of daisy-chaining multiple PB of storage behind one controller.