Another auto-encrypted flash drive, this time from UK-based Hypertec.

The DataSafe Business Edition drive looks pretty identical to the others we’ve seen in recent months, though, unusually, it does come in three casings, rugged, slimline and retractable. Plug it in and enter the password, and data can be read from the drive; unplug it and the data is automatically encrypted for security. Encryption is hardware accelerated.

Encryption is the US government’s preferred 256-bit AES, which make sit FIPS 197 compliant, with capacities up to an impressive 64GB. Use a dictionary attack on the drive and it makes the data inaccessible after a set number of guesses.

All business USB flash drives will adopt this technology in the next year or so, or at least once the price comes down a bit which it is starting to. Pricing is unavailable, but expect some vendors to premium-price these products.

Rival SanDisk’s Cruzer pro, reviewed a few weeks ago on this site, costs around £90 for 4GB, or a special offer price of £12.99 for the 2GB model if you can find any.