I was told this by SanDisk spokesperson: "Since acquiring Msystems in 2006, SanDisk have been able to offer a 360 degree mobile storage solution." Oh my, be still my beating heart, a 360 degreee mobile storage solution. Not 275 degrees, not 323 degrees but 360, a whole circle.

I first came across this irritating 360 term in connection with customer relationship management software. CRM would give you the ability to bring together the entirety of a business' relationships with a customer into one place; the call centre, giving the business a 360 degree view of the customer's interactions with the business. Great.

What it didn't give the business of course, was the fact that customers hate call centres and don't like being upsold products. So now SanDisk is using the term tpo describe how it supplies flash technology storage to mobile customers. Terrific. It doesn't supply disk technologies though. Oops. Does that make it a 270 degree mobile solution? It doesn't supply online storage either. Oops, 180 degrees.

Then SanDisk is supplying solutions - not that cliche'd old chestnut again. The damn company supplies products, not solutions.

And then 'SanDisk have been '.... A company is a singular entity, not a plural one, so SanDisk 'has' been, not 'have' been.

Anyway, the news is that, since buying Msystems SanDisk has been able to offer a wider range of flash memory-based products to mobile phone users. There's a surprise.