While I was at CeBIT last month, I came across a cool (and novel to me!) use for remote control technology - giving presentations.

It sounds weird, but it makes a lot of sense, especially as it's so simple: instead of having to carry a laptop into meetings, set it up with the projector, and so on (or copy the presentation onto a USB stick, then find it doesn't work on the meeting room PC), you leave it all on your desk and operate it remotely.

The idea came courtesy of KVM specialist ATEN, which has used its remote control expertise to develop the KE8220 Virtual VNC Console, a small (and silent) box that contains a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) client in hardware.

The KE8220 must be connected to a keyboard, a mouse, a projector and the network. Then it can take control of any another computer that's running VNC - and is reachable over the LAN - and show its screen on the projector.

ATEN acknowledges that it relies on you installing the VNC server, and says it is really only intended for use inside companies. However, if you have the nous - and the balls - to open up your PC to access from outside the firewall, it should also work outside.

Still, it's a neat idea. And if you can't justify a KE8220, how about digging a redundant PC out of the stores, installing it in the meeting room and repurposing it with Linux and a copy of VNC?